Drawing on more than 20 years of successful experience in brand and market development of its parent company - Brandscout Group, the Academia offers hands-on professional development programs to current and future exporters.

Brandscout Academia boasts an extensive Export Development & Management seminar, workshop and training portfolio with over 70 programs offered to attendees.

Being part of Brandscout Group gives Academia the edge over any professional development provider in this field: as a company that helps other companies and their brands successfully navigate international markets, we are able to pass on tried and proven solutions for

business growth.



  • Excellent understanding of companies and brands from global market – their different development and growth stages and export readiness

  • Decades of experience in brand and market development

  • Strong knowledge of European and American marketplace

  • Versed in trade buying practices and consumer purchasing patterns

  • Academia’s Program Director brings in over 20 years of international experience in this field combined with theoretical knowledge which is essential for the academic environment

  • Further development opportunities through your institution’s cooperation with Brandscout Group


Export Development and Management Seminars – intended for Export Managers, Business Development Managers, Marketing Managers to reaffirm and expand knowledge of export processes, assess which markets should be key expansion targets and learn about specific subjects such as opportunities in private label business or working with major accounts

Export Development and Management Workshops – having the same attendee group in mind as seminars, these hands-on programs focusing on real-life problems of participants, analyzed and solved in collaborative and highly effective small-group environment

Program of Cooperation with Educational Institutions – unique and thematically comprehensive program of seminars in the field of export development and management intended for year-round additional instruction as well as inclusion in existing programs at business schools and institutes

Future Export Managers’ Program – program provides companies and their junior to middle management, educational institutions and their staff and students, as well as professionals changing career paths with an opportunity to get general knowledge of the processes involved in Export Development and Management

Executive Programs in Export Development and Private Label Development – programs are focused on strategic and tactical questions of Export and Private Label business development, management and growth, intended for experienced Directors and Export Managers, President, Owners and Agency Heads involved in strategic planning and development. Each program has two streams: North American and European

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