Tier 1 commercial services for CPG/FMCG manufacturers through a partner network

Covering all key and major accounts in multiple markets, categories and channels

“RETAILFORCE 360”: work directly with end clients

  • IMPORTATION AS A SERVICE: Work directly with end clients - use our Import Services for a smooth one-stop shop when it comes to inbound shipping coordination, customs brokerage and importation

  • VENDOR AS A SERVICE: Ensure full service of your end clients - from listing documentation to program management to invoicing, collection and deduction management

  • SALES AS A SERVICE: National, regional and specialized sales teams serving multiple channels across all territories; full head office representation plus cost-efficient retail network coverage

  • DISTRIBUTION AS A SERVICE: Full service logistics, distribution of multiple categories and classes of trade from coast to coast - know your cost upfront and fully control the process

  • MERCHANDISING AS A SERVICE: Competitively priced in-store services and campaigns with proven effectiveness; improve visibility, ensure replenishment, enforce and verify program execution

  • MARKETING AS A SERVICE: With 15+ years of experience in brand development, traditional media, digital media, social media coupled with outstanding event management expertise, through a network of partners we can assist clients and their brands to be positioned and perceived as leaders within the category

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Canadian Markets


  • Product Readiness Program:

    • Market entry options and optimization for your company and products

    • Review of product related documentation (analysis, certificates, registration)

    • Review of existing packaging and labeling 

    • Review of ingredients and other product properties

    • Market recommendations including price structure, marketing budget, sales and distribution objectives

  • Client Listing Program:

    • Annual product needs tracking

    • Application for listing – preparation and submission 

    • Sample submission 

    • Status tracking and follow ups

    • Introduction of products to flagship venues

  • Additional Services:

    • Competitive landscape reporting

    • Organization of tastings and other events to promote products 

    • Media planning & buying (advertising)

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Food & Beverage – Canada, USA and UK

PL market is experiencing significant growth and we have a vast network of contacts to reach out to. For Canada, US and UK we have strong access to PL decision makers in Key & Major Accounts and can provide these services:


  • Analysis of your historical data relevant for target markets and clients

  • Analysis of your portfolio of products and services

  • Recommendation and selection of products/services for target markets/clients

  • Price structure for the category and price positioning for your portfolio

  • Assistance with certification, registration, laboratory, licensing and similar

  • Regular informative monthly campaign to target customers

  • One-on-one presentations to chief buyers

  • Follow up with potential clients

  • Suggestions for content for trade show materials

  • Trade event representation (excluding event costs and travelling)

  • Receiving and distribution of product samples and trade materials (excluding distribution cost)

  • Help with bids and contracts

  • 360◦ commercial management services (import, sales, distribution, marketing) in all three markets – US, UK, Canada – available on client/buyer request


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  • Extensive business network

  • Multiple industry expertise

  • Multiple channel expertise

  • Multiple market expertise

  • Extensive business skill set

  • Comprehensive stakeholder coverage

  • Confident solutions

  • Consistent quality of service

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