From a brand to a plan, from strategy to execution. Valuable advice and training in these fields contributes at the core level

of your product/service success:

  • Strategic Marketing Planning

  • Brand Creation & Protection

  • Brand Positioning

  • Packaging Design

  • Product/Service Portfolio Strategy & Planning

  • Pricing Strategy & Tactics

  • Distribution Channel Strategy & Tactics

  • Brand Communication Strategy & Tactics

  • Promotional Strategy, Planning & Tactics 

  • Brand Collateral Development

Brandscout's Consulting Practice offers a full range of solutions to help you create competitive advantage, consumer awareness, and brand equity. We help you lead.



Fully customized reports produced on-demand - providing you with accurate, relevant and timely information on:

  • Target markets (from our market portfolio)

  • Competitors operating in those markets

  • Particular product or service categories

  • Current or future business partners

  • Key executives of interest to your business

  • Key government contacts of interest to your business

Our consultants are here to assist you in developing and implementing a successful globalization strategy for the markets in which we operate. From regulatory assistance to capital project facilitation to acquisitions and alliances - our senior team provides invaluable insights and assistance.

Our Export Development & Management team provides professional consultation services to strengthen the strategic managerial and technical skills of export professionals. We have extensive, hands-on experience in this field and are world's leading provider.



Brandscout can help you significantly maximize results from your trade event participation. Our Export Development & Management Practice and our Event Management Teams are designed to assist your company in effectively showing your products and services at trade shows, as well as strategizing your company's entrance into new markets.

Our unique Trade Event Services (TES) program provides pre-event, at-the-event, and post-event support, with the purpose of assisting you in developing viable contacts and closing deals. Additionally, Market Access Services (MAS) and Executive Assistance Services (EAS) both complement and provide alternative to the TES offering to suite your needs by providing you with the most effective solution.



We act as the strategic partner to organizations that are looking to expand their presence and share in North America and Europe. Acting as a marketing and business intelligence unit we identify and develop market segments and relationships on behalf of our clients. We offer access to our existing network and the ability to develop new markets segments.

As your company begins to plan European or North American expansion, we would help you to effectively:

  • Identify your compliance needs and requirements

  • Identify client targets and partner channels

  • Search for and select best partners

  • Manage market development in the growth stages

We offer a range of options how we can support your growth. We have established, restructured, re-energized, and led dozens of small, medium and large-size businesses and projects in countries around the globe with a record of success.



​We offer different levels and extent of service, ensuring the requirements of your organization's representatives are covered when traveling to and visiting one of our markets.

Welcome Services include arrangement of necessary visas and other documentation, in-bound and local transportation, arrangement of accommodation, as well as assistance regarding any health, safety and emergency matters.

Organizational Services ensure that any materials, such as product samples or catalogs can be imported and kept until arrival of your representatives or delivered to their meeting. We schedule meetings and take care of your representatives' itineraries.

Business Services comprise market presentations and tours, introductions to particular companies or individuals, as well as meeting facilitation and professional meeting follow-ups.



  • Extensive business network

  • Multiple industry expertise

  • Multiple channel expertise

  • Multiple market expertise

  • Extensive business skill set

  • Comprehensive stakeholder coverage

  • Confident solutions

  • Consistent quality of service

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