Strategic & Sustainable Development Path



Our program represents a comprehensive and progressively structured opportunity for your company or organization to take part in accelerating and growing international trade.

The objectives of the program are two-fold:
•        Working in the home market to strengthen the export                         capabilities of enterprises in different sectors, through                         management consulting and professional development                         programs
•        Working in strategic export markets to showcase those                         capabilities and business opportunities to prospective                         partners, in a manner that has most impact on your
         core target group




There are 5 distinct options comprised in this program; any
one of them can be elected independently or they can be viewed as building blocks of a comprehensive program for professional development of teams and business leaders and growth of their export businesses.




Direct access, partnership or investment; own brand, private or white label. Experienced consultants will assist the management and executive team in reaching the best decision with these and other strategic questions.

Learn more about our Managament Consulting Practice




Designed for middle to senior management dealing with regulations and regulatory policy for exports and imports, quality assurance and production. From providing first-hand information on regulatory policies and procedures to filing to labeling to registration, we can help you to successfully navigate the regulations world and find the optimal solution.

Learn more about our FDA Commercial & Technical Compliance Program



Brandscout can help you significantly maximize results from your trade event participation. Our Export Development & Management Practice and our Event Management Teams are designed to assist your company in effectively showing your products and services at trade shows, as well as strategizing your company's entrance into new markets.

Learn more about our Trade Event Services and access the event calendar


Participate in one of the annual buyer-seller gatherings is a unique opportunity for your company to meet directly with some of the leading buyers in America and Europe, and to present your offer to every participating buyer in a dedicated exhibition space. This unique format saves money and time, and directly opens door to you, your company and products.

Learn more about our Buyer-Seller programs



Organizing business visits to markets in Europe and North America for a detailed assessment of the market and direct contacts with business people. Giving visitors a direct insight in the operations of the prospective partners, while giving hosts a perfect presentation opportunity.

  • Extensive business network

  • Multiple industry expertise

  • Multiple channel expertise

  • Multiple market expertise

  • Extensive business skill set

  • Comprehensive stakeholder coverage

  • Confident solutions

  • Consistent quality of service

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