September 2019 | Chicago, IL

Interbev Expo is dedicated to the entire beverage industry including producers, distributors, and retailers of soft drinks, beer, bottled water, juice, ready-to-drink tea, milk, sport drinks, wine, distilled spirits and powdered drinks, packaging and process engineers, production managers, marketing, warehousing, distribution managers, R&D personnel and all beverage professionals.


Profile for exhibit include machinery and installations for beer, malt & non-alcoholic beverage production, bottles and cans cleaning machines, bulk packing machines, capping machines, crate washing machines, packing and unpacking machines, refrigeration, recycling equipment, water treatment, catering equipment, dispensing and cooling systems, glass washing machines, disinfection equipment, laboratory equipment, labeling & packaging materials & aids, beer & beverages, diary, point-of-use equipment, energy drinks, bottled water, containers, technology, vending, warehousing, logistics and transportation trucks.


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